• Battaglia was established by Salvatore Battaglia in 1973. The Italian head office and manufacturing facilities based in Misinto, have designed and built a wide range of institutional, commercial and residential projects throughout the world. Battaglia has gained a distinctive reputation for its rigorous approach to the design and construction of custom made interiors of every scale, particularly for five star hotels, cruise ships, offices, private residences, show-rooms and fashion shops.
  • Battaglia began its success as a skilled joinery and case goods manufacturer. The great importance reserved to continuous technological innovation and constant research of the highest quality standards have prepared this craftsmanworkshop in a process of transformation towards a modern and functional industry with more than 16.000 square meters of covered area. One of the few Italian companies still dedicated to “custom made”. The company can rely on a high specialized staff composed of joiners, cabinetmakers, smiths, upholsterers and finishers. This team has been selected paying attention to the capabilities of each single craftman enabling the transformation of the project in real creations. The company philosophy is that whatever can be designed, can also be produced.


  • Battaglia executes extensive fit-outs, basing on a continuous outsource and on a skilled workmanship granting a wide range of services and enabling the realization of different kind of projects and internal out-fittings. The feasibility of our staff enables the analysis of the client needs and suggests the best solution to your requirements.
  • Realization/refurbishment of hotels. A number of Battaglia’s projects involve refurbishment of existing hotels. Apart from renewal of furnishing and general fit-out, Battaglia’s scope includes renovation of bathrooms, kitchens, lifts and the compliance to rules of the technical aspects.
  • Shops and Show-rooms. The specialist teams of designers, project managers and joiners of Battaglia, offer a resource of hands-on experience to perform an unique trendy atmosphere.
  • Cruise Ships. Battaglia provide a wide spectrum of services in the luxury marine construction business. The design and technical departments pay an extreme attention to the realization of custom architectural wood and metal components taking Battaglia to a level of superb craftsmanship necessary to work on cruise ships.


  • Battaglia turn-key service is addressed to five-star hotels and hotels at top level of the hospitality industry. By co-operating and interacting with Interior Designers, purchasing companies and hotel Management companies, Battaglia can carry out, on behalf of the investors, exclusive projects of hotel furnishing. The main activities of the turn-key service are the following:
  • Project feasibility-study with an accurate evaluation of the overall project budget.
  • Construction shop-drawings of all items to be produced on the Designer’s specifications.
  • In house manufacturing of all wooden items, such as case goods, fixed joinery, doors, etc.
  • Outsourcing of FF&E.
  • Continuous and severe quality control on outsourced items.
  • Full project & site management.
  • Time scheduling.
  • Delivery, according to ways of shipment and deadline agreed with the client.
  • Site installation executed by our in house team.
  • After-sales assistance for the contractually agreed period.



  • Battaglia, in 2012, has made significant investments for the production of “Clean Energy”, used inside the production departments and the offices, by installing, on the roof, a great number of solar modules, completely covering the electrical power requirements, but above all, fully respecting the environment, without any impact on the surroundings during the working phases.
  • Battaglia, has always paid great attention to the energy savings, recovering and recycling, materials wasted from production, particularly from woods, using part of them for the heating of the company, and giving the surplus to companies operating in the wood conversion for the production of chipboard panels, used for the production of most of the joineries and furniture elements.
    Battaglia for its production, prefers the employ of wood, a natural element obtained from the trees trunks, a renewable raw material and energy source. Thanks to its easy availability, wood is utilized in a wide range of fields, it can be also easily worked obtaining optimal results in shapes and aspects. Furthermore, wood can be recovered, once the elements produced are not used any more.
    In addition to the above, Battaglia recovers also 100% of paper and cardboard, using for the packaging, also the packing of all items received, with satisfaction also of the workmanship, actively cooperating with this proposal, becoming active part of this fight towards the wastage. Recycling a ton of paper and cardboard, CO2 releases to the atmosphere are reduced of about 210 kg of CO2.