• Thanks to the inside production, Battaglia is in a position to comply with the various and most sophisticated requirements of the clients, having available avant-garde machineries and a large storehouse for all the personalized “just in time” needs.
    Being the various departments equipped with the most recent technologies of the sectors, all the production phases are internally managed, granting flexibility and a considerable reduction of the production timings
  • SAWING DEPARTMENT: Electronic Sawing machine, with maximum optimization in terms of timing and wasting
    TEAM-FLANGING MACHINE: Department with handling of panels through bar-codes. Each single element can therefore be worked together with other ones, regardless the dimensions and the type of edges.
    HOLING AND PANTOGRAPHY: One of the various departments in the company, is specifically equipped with the “classic” machineries for the wood-working: Matching machines, Flanging machines, Planing machines, Toupie machines, Gauging machines, etc. but even the typical “working benches” made of wood, where furniture elements are finished with hand-working operations typical of traditional craftsmanship.
    POLISHING DEPARTMENT: Electronic honing machine, brushing machine for different “brushed” finishings, a production line equipped with a double-pistol spraying machine robot and a vertical drying oven. The department is complete also with three pressurized cabins able to work out all finishing requirements: lacquering, paintings, polyestering, etc. Battaglia is also equipped with a brushing machine for surfaces and one for the edges.